Release notes

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2011

Build CF2 (06.10.2010)



1.     Improper processing of some mail formats when performing a virus scan, has been fixed.

2.     The following issues arising when working with Quarantine and Backup, have been fixed:

·         When restoring a file from a storage, its properties are not saved.

·         When starting scanning an individual object in Quarantine through the context menu of the object, all objects in Quarantine are scanned.

3.     Techniques used for detecting and neutralizing rootkits, have been improved.

4.     Freezing of Photo Viewer in Windows 7 when Proactive Defense is enabled, has been fixed.

5.     The issue of incompatibility with some network games has been fixed.

6.     The error occurring when starting the scan of an object from the gadget menu with Anti-Virus discarded (in Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows 7), has been corrected.

7.     The issue with no entries made in the report when detecting a dangerous object, which requires the restart of the computer for processing, has been fixed.



1.     When installing the application over a version earlier than 2010, the application settings used by the previous version may be imported improperly.

2.     When cancelling the application uninstallation procedure that was already started, the application may need recovery or reinstallation.

3.     Changing the value of the "Maximum storage size" or lifting restrictions imposed on the maximum size of a storage require the application to be restarted.

4.     When sending an event notification by email, two identical messages may be received in some cases.

5.     The virtual keyboard does not support the Sogou Chinese language. While dragging the virtual keyboard, its contents are not displayed.

6.     When using the gadget, Safe Run for Applications cannot be managed, and news received by News Agent cannot be viewed.

7.     The report does not contain any information about threats detected by System Watcher using patterns of dangerous activity and about the rollback of actions performed by a malicious program.

8.     Some keys of the virtual keyboard may remain pressed.

9.     An error occurs when attempting to activate the virtual keyboard if switching between user accounts has been performed using the Switch User option.

10.     The list of objects in Quarantine cannot be cleared when attempting to access the list from the context menu for a compressed group of objects.



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